• Datocracy

    Datocracy is a compound neologism that embraces transhistorical liberations and reconfigurations of data, in its multiple perceptual-linguistic forms, into new value relations and systems of governance, democratic or otherwise. Datocracy evolves from...

    ANNABEL FREARSON, Severed fingers, <p> </p>
<p>Image source: Leroi-Gourhan, A., 1967: Les mains de Gargas. Essai pour une étude d'ensemble <em>Bulletin de la Société préhistorique française</em> Année 1967, Volume 64, Numéro 1 p. 107 - 122 </p>
  • Infomanticism

    A self-reflexive Octoberesque essay on my concept of Infomanticism, a conjoining of information and Romanticism that reflects on and through our narcissistic mediation with sublime data....

    ANNABEL FREARSON, Infomanticism, 2012
  • Neither the sun nor death can be stared upon fixedly

    In this paper, I examine the fetishisation of the database as determinant apparatus in constructing blind or random cultural hierarchies and relationships through a multiplier effect of surplus information (metadata) around cultural entities, demonst...

    ANNABEL FREARSON, The Rise to Power of Louis Quatorze, Rossellini, 1966