• Sic

    'Sic' presents a paragrammic rewriting of 'Mein Kampf' (Hitler 1925) by global micro-workers through online gig-economy platforms, as an exploration of contemporary fascism....

    ANNABEL FREARSON, Sic double cover, Jan 2018
  • Affectation Correspondence

    'Affectation Correspondence' is a short science-fiction story written using only words contained within 'Frankenstein' (Shelley, 1831), in dialogue with images by publishing commissioner Gareth Proskourine-Barnett....

    ANNABEL FREARSON, Affectation Correspondence cover, Jan 2018
  • Wollstonochlincraft 1791-1971

    Wollstonochlincraft 1791-1971 forges compound neologisms from two emblematic feminist texts that are mirrored in their dates and message: A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (Wollstonecraft, 1791) and Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists? (Noc...

    ANNABEL FREARSON, Wollstonochlincraft 1791-1971: front cover, June 2017, <p><em> </em></p>
<p><em>WOLLSTONOCHLINCRAFT 1791-1971</em></p>
<p>Published in the series THE GOOD READER by MA BIBLIOTHEQUE, London 2017.</p>
<p>Series editor: Sharon Kivland</p>
<p>Edition of 50, each numbered and signed</p>
<p>ISBN 978-1-910055-32-8</p>
  • ...Or Maybe It's the Same for Everyone

    ...Or maybe it's the same for everyone is a print platform for artists' short fiction and experimental writing, organised by John Lawrence. &nbsp;...

    ANNABEL FREARSON, ..Or Maybe It's the Same for Everyone: cover
  • Umelec magazine

    Umĕlec magazine with an article by Frearson: Bad Brain Call: dialogical pop...

    ANNABEL FREARSON, Umelec magazine, 2013, <p>Umelec magazine with article by Frearson on her project <em>Bad Brain Call: dialogical pop</em></p>
  • The Book is Alive!

    The Book is Alive! is a collaboration between the Centre for Media and Cultural Research (CMCR) at LSBU and bookRoom. The publication is published by RGAP, edited by Emmanuelle Waeckerle and Richard Sawdon Smith, designed by studio mothership and Ke...

    ANNABEL FREARSON, The Book is Alive!

    By Manuel &Aacute;ngel, Annabel Frearson, Ryoung Kim, Francesco Pedraglio, Barbara Pfenningstorff, Emily Rosamond, Anca Rujoiu, Pieternel Vermoortel, Andy Weir.&nbsp;Taking the seminal art journal OCTOBER as a point of departure, QGJCPLB play...

  • The Sensible Stage, ed. Bridget Crone

    The Sensible Stage: Staging and the Moving Image is collection of newly commissioned texts that explore the moving image in relation to performance, time and the event. Edited by Bridget Crone, the book provides a series of individual proposals and ...

    ANNABEL FREARSON, The Sensible Stage , <p>The Sensible Stage, ed. Bridget Crone</p>
  • Bad Brain Call

    Bad Brain Call is part of the ongoing project Frankenstein2; or the Monster of Main Stream, a new novel and associated works created using all and only the words from Shelley's Frankenstein. Bad Brain Call references a cross-section of pop genres, a...

    ANNABEL FREARSON, Bad Brain Call, 2012
  • Journal of Visual Art Practice

    Bridget Crone, 'The Image: Disaffect in the theatre of representation', Journal of Visual Art Practice, volume 9, issue 2, 2011, p136...

    ANNABEL FREARSON, Journal of Visual Art Practice, 2011
  • Revolve Wire magazine

    An extract from Frankenstein2; or, The Monster of Main Stream was reproduced in this edition of Revolve Wire magazine, guest edited by Matthew Poole....

    ANNABEL FREARSON, Revolve Wire magazine, 2007